5 Classic Gambling Songs To Get You In The Mood

Old music creates a sense of thrill and nostalgia about the ‘’good old days’’. Gamblers find joy in engrossing entertainment, but they also find pleasure in good music. Listen to these exceptional tracks to get you in the gambling mood.

1.    The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

This classic song from the late 1970s was and remained to be one of Kenny Rogers’ signature hits. The song tells a tale of a gambler that gives life advice to a fellow gambler. He managed to snatch a Grammy for his performance.

2.    The Lottery Song by Harry Nilsson

Recorded way back in 1972, this pop-rock track focuses on a gambling adventure, where a man and his lover pin all their hopes and dreams on winning a lottery ticket and recording a record together.

3.    Still the Same by Bob Seger

This 1978 rock single tells the story of a meeting with a professional gambler. The song speaks of the gambler’s character and his unshakable confidence. It is a song that speaks about a gambler’s will to win.

4.    Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton

This hit song from the 1980s is about getting played like a deck of cards by a man who is only in a relationship for the wrong reasons. She takes her odds and goes for the relationship anyway.

5.    Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley

Arguably one of the best gambling songs of the 20th century, Elvis set the stage for gambling culture way back in 1964 with ‘’Viva Las Vegas’’. The King of Rock n’ Roll sings about the bright lights and high stakes on the Las Vegas strip.

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