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Aspiring recording artists or music enthusiasts who are passionate about the live music industry can learn about all the technical details that go on behind the scenes.

Learn more about Music UK and stay in the loop with the latest news and information. Experience the thrill of recording your own music by following these informative channels.


This YouTube channel focuses on setting up your recording studio equipment. It discusses budget-friendly hardware setups and the overly expensive analogue polysynthetic setups. He doesn’t just talk about the features of the latest recording tech, but he also delves into solving common issues and challenges in the studio.


The host talks about DJs and producing quality music. He discusses what producers, artists, and DJs do behind the scenes to get their setup ready. Find out how the experts execute their art backstage and learn about the entire creative process involved with mixing tracks. The channel covers a variety of genres, styles, and DJs.


This is a fun guide for artists who enjoy playing around with different musical ideas and sounds. They aim to create original tracks by copying the style of famous artists. Recording artists from all walks of life can discover how different artists produce and record their music. Watch videos like ‘’How to Make Music Like Stephan Bodzin’’ and many others.


This show is hosted by the multi-talented Rachel K Collier. She is a famed vocalist, producer, live artist, and collaborator. She teaches tutorials and offers industry advice to artists starting out. She is an expert in her art, and she also offers courses to aspiring artists. She presents guidance and knowledge to her followers online.

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